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Free to download and play. Additional content packs: USD $1.99-4.99 per pack

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Wavelength tabletop edition, Monikers card game, The Fuzzies


Wavelength is a party game in your pocket. Hot or cold. Soft or hard. Wizard or…not a wizard? Work together to decide where your clue falls on the spectrum – and win by reading your friends’ minds.

The Wavelength app is an evolution of the hit boardgame that allows you to play remotely or in person on iOS and Android devices. And it features loads of new content and designs, like real-time synchronous dial movements and live emotes.


In 2019, CMYK published the board game edition of Wavelength. It has sold over 150,000 copies, is sold in over 14+ languages worldwide, and was named the Best Party Game of 2019 by The Dice Tower, the tabletop industry’s largest media network.

In early 2020, as social distancing set in, Wavelength fans started homebrewing novel ways to play remotely with friends and family. This inspired Alex, Casey, and Kristen to create a mobile-first adaptation that would provide a fun and effortless way to play Wavelength, whether they’re apart or together.

Over 14,000 beta testers and a year and a half later (videogames are hard), the Wavelength app is now officially available!

Quick Facts

Board game edition

  • 150K+ copies sold worldwide
  • Translated into 14+ language
  • Released in 2019
  • Top 15 party game on boardgamegeek

Digital edition

We’re biased, but Wavelength is the best designed digital boardgame adaptation ever made?
  • Over 14K beta testers
  • Cross platform: Available for iOS and Android phones and tablet devices
  • Remote friendly: Can be played remotely OR in person
  • Multiplayer: For 2-10+ players, with 100% cooperative play
  • New content: Over 200 unique spectrum cards, over 50 are brand new and only available in the app
  • Free to play and absolutely NO ADS
  • Get silly: See friends react in real-time with synchronous dial movements and real-time emotes
  • Find your lewk: Customizable avatars with over 100,000 unique combinations

How to play

  • The goal: Work together to turn the dial as close to the center of a colored target as you can.
  • The twist: The target is completely hidden and is in a random location each round.
  • Fortunately, one of your teammates is Psychic and knows exactly where the target is
  • But they can only give a clue on a spectrum between two opposing concepts. For example, if the spectrum is hot to cold, and the target is on the hot side, you might give the clue, “coffee”. Which is hot but not the hottest thing imaginable.
  • Every round you’ll get a clue like this written by one of your friends, and it's up to everyone else to discuss while the clue giver stays silent!
  • Once you’re done discussing everyone taps ready and the target is revealed
  • The closer to the center you are, the more points you score!
  • The game is completely cooperative, so you win or lose as a team.


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The Team

Alex Hague - @alxhague

Alex is the cofounder of CMYK, a tiny game design studio. CMYK's games have won multiple industry awards, sold hundreds of thousands of copies, and have been translated into 14+ languages worldwide. CMYK's most notable releases are Wavelength and Monikers, the latter of which was called "the perfect party game" by the New York Times. Prior to CMYK, Alex cofounded Kepler, a nonprofit university program based in Kigali, Rwanda.

Casey Pugh - @caseypugh

Casey is an Emmy-winning creative technologist in Brooklyn. In 2010, he created Star Wars Uncut, a crowdsourced film built for the internet. He co-founded video distribution startup VHX (acquired by Vimeo in 2016). At Vimeo, he ran an R&D team, building experimental holographic streaming video. His current projects include making indie games, playing with web3, and a third fun thing that is a charming, specific hobby.

Kristen Leach - @kwistens

Kristen is a product designer, strategist, and entrepreneur currently working at Cash App. Previously, she developed new products and strategies for Etsy and designed “future of” audio, video, and augmented reality experiences at The New York Times.


Game Design
Wolfgang Warsh, Alex Hague, & Justin Vickers

Product & Development
Casey Pugh

App Design
Kristen Leach

Art Direction
Alex Hague, Kristen Leach

Avatars, Pack Illustrations, and App Icon
Min Liu

Hvass & Hannibal

Music & Sound Design
Upright T-Rex Music

Voiceover & Copywriting
KK Apple

Recording & Mixing
Bryan Pugh

Big thanks to…
Our 10k+ beta testers, Adnan Agha, Cardstock ‘21, Fred Benenson, Kea’a Davis, Brad Dougherty, Chad Etzel, Or Fleisher, Definitely Friends, Zach Gage, Jon Lai, Frank Lantz, Justin Morton, Kevin Nguyen, Catt Small, Charlie Tran, Jamie Wilkinson, Robert Vinluan

Technology used
Unity, Photon Engine

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